Full Doll Tutorial

My last full doll tutorial was done in 2005. 2005! Frankly, it was about time I updated it. This one is a lot smaller than the last one, but each item of clothing seems to have a lot more steps - at least there are a lot of pictures to look at. I think it just means I overthink things more now XD.

I'm leaving my old full doll tutorial up because it's bigger, and because I think it'll probably be more suitable for brand new dollers. Plus it's more colourful, and I like that.

The base I used is from Haven of Silindor.

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Again, I'm leaving my old jeans tutorial (which is also from 2005) up because I think it's probably more useful for beginners. Variety is the spice of life, etc.

This is the palette I used, which may or may not be on my palettes page (I forget if I just nabbed one I made earlier or if I made a new one - I suspect the former because I'm pretty lazy about denim palettes).

Outline! I always start with the waistband, then work my way down. I added a pocket to start with, then some creases around the knee, then I made the outline curl in towards her foot at the bottom (because I'm planning on giving her flats, the jeans would hang down straighter if she were in heels because they wouldn't be settling around her feet so much). Added the second pocket and tweaked the outline at the bottom because I didn't like the shape, then added seams. Recoloured the outline to shade 1, the seams to shade 2, and filled with shade 5.

Now take the third colour and start shading, adding creases at the knees and feet. I've put in few smaller creases around the top of her leg too. For the folds around her feet, I just make up a few shapes and roll with it - I'm afraid I don't put much planning into it XD. I make up some shapes that lend themselves well to folds, and always end up moving them around or getting rid of them altogether as I go along.

...and keep going with the second leg in the same way. For this leg I couldn't figure out what I was doing at the bottom, so I added in some highlights to shade around. Then I erased them because they were distracting.

Take the fourth colour and build up the shading. I've gone over a fair bit of what I'd already shaded in the darker colour, especially around the knee where I didn't want the folds to look too dark. Start adding in some dithering to add a bit of texture - you can do this all over but I'm too lazy, and I find you don't need to go overboard to give the impression of denim.

Now take shade 6 and start highlighting. I've split this over a few steps to show that I just do some vague scribbling...

...and I fill in the blank spaces with dithering. I'm a big fan of fixing it up as I go along - be sure to zoom out a lot to see how it's looking in real size.

Then do the rest of the leg the same way. When doing this I decided the shading at the bottom of the right leg looked wrong, so I tweaked that a bit.

I never leave enough space for the next shade of highlights, so sometimes I just leave these off. As this is biggish base, I thought the jeans still looked a little flat as they were so went up to another shade.

This is the step where I end up going over a lot of what I've already done. I extend colour 6 out around the new highlights, then have to push bits of shading back as I go along. The picture explains it better than I can in writing.

Now shade the seams so they don't look too harsh.

And add poppers on the pockets, and a button.

I left the hems a bit rubbish as I'm going to make them look frayed. To do this, I add a few thin lines around the bottom using my lightest shade, then I make a lighter shade and highlight it. Then I blend this in a bit so it looks a little more like it's supposed to be there. If she were going barefoot I'd add shading under the jeans, but as she's going to get shoes later that seems a bit redundant at this stage.

It was here that I realised the left pocket looked too close to the middle, so I shifted it over a few pixels. I also added some worn patches around the pockets by adding a few light pixels and blending them in a bit.

I think it looks nicer with a shaded outline, but that's your call.

The finished jeans.

Step 2: T-shirt
Step 3: Hair